The Zero Filter Show – Episode 2: Ryan from the XYZ – Aussie Alt Right

Our guest today on the show is Ryan Fletcher from We talk about the Aussie Alt Right Media and how it’s exploding in Australia.

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The XYZ is an Australian based news organisation dedicated to the principles of Classical Liberalism and Cultural Libertarianism, and as you can guess by the name XYZ, spawned out of dissatisfaction with the biased, tax-payer funded ABC.

The XYZ has many contributors and is going very well with a number of articles and videos going up every day, some satirical and some serious.

Not only are they gaining a lot of attention from within their regular audience but also from mainstream news outlets when they were recently mentioned and quoted in an absolute hatchet job by The Sydney Morning Herald, which will be one of the topics to cover on the show today.

It’s been an interesting last two week for the new right/alt-right/new conservative movement or whatever you want to call it.

We’ve seen news outlets such as The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald fumbling around to try and define what the alt right quote “really is” and why you should be afraid of the swarm of “keyboard warriors” that are terrorising innocent Australians from behind their computer screens.

The Outsiders premiered this week. A fresh new political commentary show hosted by feminist wrecker Mark Latham and a couple of other Aussie Trumpian patriots. We finally have a show that’s not run by SJW’s with 6 month journalism degrees from TAFE dedicated to solving every social and economic problem by blaming it rich white privileged males and the patriarchy.

Serial entrepreneur and Australian icon Dick Smith went full patriot this week with his endorsement of Pauline Hanson. He please of a lot of patriots when he shattered Waleed Aly’s kindergarten level explanation of how importing immigrant workers is necessary to replenish our workforce.

It appeared Turnbull has shown his true colours this week, or maybe just the shades of green with the reintroduction of a carbon tax or carbon pricing or whatever name they’ve decided to change it to to fool people. Is this going to be the deciding factor what will determine whether the government will surrender us to the will of the United Nations or choose the path of freedom along Donald Trump and his promise to withdraw the United States from the disastrous Paris Climate agreement? We shall soon see.

In more important news though, a video showed man who challenged a kangaroo to a boxing match and clocked skippy with a superb right hook. Leftists will tell you its animal cruelty, all I can tell ya is this guy is makin’ Australia great again!

3 thoughts on “The Zero Filter Show – Episode 2: Ryan from the XYZ – Aussie Alt Right

  1. I’m entering this comment in the hope I can speak and not be blacklisted for it as has happened 3 times with Facebook ( Fezbook ) I now call it. I’m very thankful I found zero-filter, as the afore mentioned comments were made in response to posts on sites such as Britain First, Australian Patriots and a couple of posts involving those Moslems Yasmin Mageed and Mariam Whatever frothing on about their agendas, yet reply to them in even mild terms e.g. ‘ Then they’d better get a move on and do so before the muzzies take over’ I’m banned for a week because ‘ I haven’t abided by acceptable community standards’!
    So hopefully zero-filter will enable me to have a reply to things without being hit over the head for expressing an opinion, something the Moslems and snowflake lefties are making it very hard to do.


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