CNN and BuzzFeed is Fake News

Today we woke up to a major story in the US over reports of completely unverified claims against President Elect Donald Trump. BuzzFeed went all out on the story and even published the document they had received.

CNN then backed up the story by also reporting on it, although they didn’t publish the documents themselves.

The document claim that Trump had “deep ties to Russia” and that they had a continued communication even claiming that Russia had videos of Trump in compromising positions with prostitutes. I won’t go into the details you can read the full “report” for yourselves to see just how ridiculous it is.
These reports were subsequently shown to be completely faked. Not just faked, but a deliberate prank by 4chan to hurt the credibility of the mainstream media and boy did they hook their fish.

The fallout came this morning when Trump called out CNN as “fake news” and refused to give them a question in his press conference. This was met with cheers from other members in the press gallery. Without going into detail, as you can watch the video yourselves, Trump absolutely killed it. His first press conference was an unbridled success. He kept the lying media in their place and did so without weakness or hinting that he would stop them from reporting as they wished.

Predictably CNN are crying crocodile tears over Trump’s refusal to give them a question. They are now complaining that he is hurting their ability to report on the news and, of course, will moan about their “free speech”.

Only the thing is, this isn’t about “Free speech”, CNN and BuzzFeed are free to report as they wish (although to be fair this document is slanderous in nature). But if they are going to publish and report on completely unverified documents, that makes some very personal accusations, they had better be ready for some fallout if it all goes wrong.

All this is bad enough as it is, but this was made worse when both CNN and BuzzFeed refused to apologise for reporting on this unverified document. CNN went so far as to, essentially, throw BuzzFeed under the bus and blame them for the report.

A small tip for CNN, if you want claim you are making “legitimate reports” on the President, don’t publish unverified reports about him that turn out to be completely fake. If you do happen to do this, don’t then refuse to apologise. Any normal person when making such a massive error of judgement would offer an unreserved apology to Donald Trump and his family over this error, let alone a news organisation whose livelihood depends on your own credibility.

Here CNN are blaming BuzzFeed for something that they themselves did as well. No, they didn’t publish the actual documents, but BuzzFeed did and CNN gave it credence by reporting on it.

It’s childish, it’s pathetic and it’s complete rubbish. CNN chose to publish the reports; they chose to back up BuzzFeed’s report. They cannot then blame BuzzFeed for something they did of their own free will, that is clear as day cowardice.

BuzzFeed are what they are, a joke of a site frequented by people who are bored, stupid or both. They had no credibility to begin with. CNN are claiming to be a legitimate and credible news organisation. They cannot make a claim to credibility then do something as shameless as this without consequences.

The fact that they have now flat out refused to apologise shows everyone exactly the kind of organisation they are. This was the perfect opportunity for them to win a semblance of credibility back and show that they are genuinely committed to report the truth, even if it has their own spin on it. But alas, by refuse to apologise they show what they really are, a childish, stubborn, fake news network committed to one thing, attacking Trump in any way they can.

If they never get to ask him another question it will be their own fault and fully deserved.

Article by Matty – Matty’s Modern Life – Author at Zero Filter


2 thoughts on “CNN and BuzzFeed is Fake News

  1. Cannot argue with any of that and I watched the conference and thought Trump handled it and them well, unfortunately the same does not apply to a lot of his brain dead fellow Republicans.
    He may just have to run the whole show by himself – how much energy can one man have?


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