The Chicago Kidnapping – Who Is To Blame?

The racial divide in America has reached new highs this week. Many of you may have already seen the video, but a young, disabled man was taken hostage, and tortured for many hours simply for the fact that he was white.

The kidnappers, all of whom we’re African American, were chanting phrases such as “fuck Trump!” “Fuck white people!”, making it clear that this was indeed a racially charged attack, despite what the BBC, CNN, and many other mainstream media outlets are saying.

But who is to blame for such a heinous act?

Are the kidnappers to blame?

Is society to be blamed? BLM and other leftist organizations seem to think so.

The cold, honest truth is that none of these are to blame.

YES, the kidnappers were 100% in the wrong, and deserve to be locked up, with the key thrown away. What they did to that young, vulnerable man is inexcusable, and they deserve every punishment that comes their way.

We know society isn’t to blame, despite what the leftists would have you to believe, the modern United States and other Western societies is BY FAR a much safer place for black people than their native land of Africa, and the West has far more opportunities available, for everyone, regardless of race, gender, etc.

I’ll tell you who is to blame:

The media.

Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and Alton Sterling; the mainstream media has been on a witch-hunt to find evidence of racial inequality and police brutality in the United States, even when there is little to no evidence of these police shootings being motivated by racism, but rather by police feeling threatened, and taking what they deemed to be the appropriate measures.

Remember Michael Brown? The whole “hand’s up, don’t shoot” movement which led to Ferguson becoming a mini-warzone, and led to the formation of groups such as BLM, and the resurgence of Afrocentrism in American society. Well, it turned out that Michael Brown wasn’t the “gentle-giant” that the media labeled him. In fact, it turned out that he had robbed a convenience store, and tried to grab the gun of the police officer Darren Wilson. Obviously the media failed to accurately report this story, instead the MSM opted to build up racial tension, under a false narrative of a “police brutality epidemic”.

Over the following years, the media would exacerbate any other police shootings, justified or not, and present them as evidence of a racism epidemic in modern America, even though, I think we can all agree on this, the modern United States is very racially aware, and tolerant. Of course you have a few pockets of crazy, racist, assholes, but that exists in every demographic, it’s not exclusive to whites.

And speaking of white people, what happens when there are racially charged attacks against the white population in America? More whites are killed by cops than blacks, even though statistically white Americans cause less crime, even though they make up most of the population. The media doesn’t report on those statistic at all, as it would go against the narrative of exclusive police brutality against African Americans. Five cops are gunned down in Baton Rouge, and the media fails to report on it accurately, pandering to radical, racist, leftist movements such as  BLM. A disabled boy is kidnapped and tortured, and the BBC fails to mention any of the attackers comments about Trump, and whites, because that would mean that reverse racism exists, and whites aren’t some oppressive, patriarchal overlord as BLM and SJWs like to label them.

By constantly putting out this false narrative of “hate” and “racism”, the media has single-handedly made race-relations in the United States the WORST it has been since Jim Crow and segregation.

Instead of the media and political pundits addressing actual factors that lead to police shootings; like a lack of an extensive and rigorous training, or the fact that most of those who have been shot rarely have a decent job, housing, and income due to the failed economic and social policies of the Democrats, neocons, and other corporatist and globalist shills, they have decided the best way to solve this issue is to find a scapegoat. That scapegoat, as we all know, is the “white, oppressive, imperialist establishment”. Honestly, I can’t think of any other times in history where a certain demographic of people were used as a scapegoat for hard times and civil unrest. It’s not like 6 million people were systematically gassed and worked to death because they were used as a scapegoat.

Watch carefully over the media in the next few weeks, there is going to be a lot of damage control, as this story has put a serious dent in the MSM’s narrative.

Article by Ilija – Editor at Zero Filter


One thought on “The Chicago Kidnapping – Who Is To Blame?

  1. Media yes. Include Facebook in that. Brittany Herrings page [where the video was filmed] is apparantly still up, because it does not violate facebook’s community standards. Here it is in a link apparently but I’m not going there..
    Cheers, John


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