An American Woman’s Perspective of Pauline Hanson

This year has been a real rollercoaster ride! I have become more aware and awakened with the corruption in our government and politics in general, all in one year!

I’ve seen the mainstream media attempt to brainwash our citizens, leading to the dumbing down of American society. This is the ultimate goal of the establishment; to create total dependence on government for everything. Why do people want this? Not all do.

People do not realize that this is government control. Certain people will accept to be controlled in exchange for cradle to grave care, not realizing the consequences.

After conducting some research on other governments, I took a deep interest in the country of Australia. As I was looking at the problems they are facing with increasing control of society, the problems mirror what is happening today.

Senator Pauline Hanson of Australia is the founder of the One Nation Party. She and her party are putting the citizens first, much like the campaign of Donald Trump in the U.S. and Nigel Farage’s UKIP party in Britain.

The shift towards Conservatism/Anti-Establishmentism seems to have had its roots in America. The American people are fed up with increased government control, stemming from ObamaCare, increased taxes and federal regulations on business, which has stifled economic growth and jobs creation. The American people witnessed eight years of Barack Obama and the US Congress continue to serve themselves and the power elite which control them, rather than the American people.

This set the stage for the rise of Donald Trump and his anti-establishment movement. Trump ceased upon the anger and frustration of the American people, who have been ignored and lied to for too many years. Americans found a voice in Trump, a billionaire who snubs the establishment. Trump denounced big government and its control. He ignored political correctness which connected with the common man and woman. His campaign against illegal immigration,  foreign wars, bad trade deals which have eroded jobs in the U.S., and his America first philosophy resonated with voters.

Trump had immense help and support from the alternative media: InfoWars, Breitbart, Matt Drudge and Michael Savage, who reach out to more people than the established media. This is the media the establishment continues to hate and try to stifle. Each attempt seemed to strengthen Trump, his supporters and Alternative Media.

I have a great feeling of optimism with the election of Donald Trump. His election could propel a “Frexit”  in France this year and other nations in the near future.

Don’t fear those who are in the wrong, the truth always prevails!

Article by Cheryl Fusco – US contributor to Zero Filter


3 thoughts on “An American Woman’s Perspective of Pauline Hanson

  1. The world is waking up the mature people won’t be controlled anymore as for the young ones they are being brainwashed and dumbed down 😡 The media is to blame with fake news 👿 We won’t sit in silence any more 😉 Great post 👏👏👏👏👍


  2. They are wise words from a woman who has also opened her eyes not only to her own country but to others who are in the same boat. I too feel Pauline Hanson is our Donald Trump. But she has a ways to go before being in a position to be our Prime minister. So in the mea- time I feel if we can get Tony Abbott back in as PM if Australia it would go a long way as he too doesn’t like this control that is being
    taken over of our


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