United Patriots Front removed from Facebook

Blair Cottrel’s United Patriot’s Front Facebook page appears to have been completely removed and deleted after outrage ensues from supporters on social media.header final

The last few weeks has seen many right-wing patriot groups being totally removed from Facebook for no apparent reason or post being reported by an actual Facebook user. It would seem there is a purge taking place where Facebook is no longer just expressing their hostility toward conservative and right wing ideas, but removing their platforms completely.

There has been no comment from either Blair Cottrel or Tom Sewell regarding the deletion of the page because their personal accounts have also been removed from Facebook.

We are still waiting for a response from the United Patriots Front leaders regarding the removal of the Facebook page. This poses a great problem for UPF as they do not have their own website and their sole platform is the Facebook page which has over 100,000 followers.

The social media purge coming from Facebook in the name of eliminating “hate speech” is interesting as it seems the only pages being affected are right leaning groups/figures who are critical of any leftist ideology like immigration, Islam, political correctness. It is clear that Facebook is at war with free speech, where the only speech they allow is that which is in line with their political agenda.

Everyday, there are hundreds of Tweets and Facebook posts that are blatantly racist toward white people but these are never removed. The following tweets are literally just from today on Twitter:





If any of these tweets would have the word white substituted for the word black, there would be outrage.

The hypocrisy of the social media ghettos is astonishing, and the removal of United Patriot’s Front is just another brick in the wall stopping free speech on these platforms.

Article by Brendan – Editor in Chief


6 thoughts on “United Patriots Front removed from Facebook

  1. You are spot on with your article Brendan, I have been banned from Fezbook twice for commenting on the UPF site on articles they posted regarding Islam, no swearing and measured language, the worst of my comments being I called Yassmin Mageid disingenuous, so I’ve assumed that they will not tolerate any criticism of Islam or Muslims.
    It’s the reason I went online and found Zero-filter, so there was a silver lining for me.
    Thank you and keep up the good work!
    Rod Bridge

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    • Minds.com is, so far, uncensored and unmoderated. I have never joined Facebook or Twitter or any of them, but I did join Minds.com


  2. Bloody disgusting, these left wing freaks are the biggest racists, fascists and bigots!! Zuckerberg is a toad for soros. They cannot win and must not win!! Free speech is a basic freedom.


  3. I have never, and never will, belong to Facebook or Twitter or any of them. Anyone who does not like Facebook needs to go to Minds.com where there is no censorship whatsoever…well, so far at least. This group should try Minds.com


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