The Rebel Media hits Australia

Home to the some of the biggest household names of pro-western journalism including Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern and Tommy Robinson, Rebel Media has just launched their Rebel Australia Team which is set to take Australia by storm.

Independent journalism is on the rise all throughout the western world. From Infowars to Breitbart, now The Rebel Media is establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with by expanding their platform to countries throughout the world that have been starved of the brand of hard hitting, investigative and hilarious journalism that The Rebel Media is well known for.

Founded by Ezra Levant, The Rebel Media’s commander in chief visited Australia this week to launch Australia’s division of The Rebel by interviewing anti-PC pioneers such as Cory Bernardi, Mark Latham, and the men from QUT who were involved in racial discrimination allegations under 18c in the human rights commission for making Facebook posts that ‘offended’ an Aboriginal staff member at the University.

Claire Lehmann of speaks with Australian students.


In this video Claire speaks with conservative writer for The Spectator and staunch anti-feminist critic about her recent Twitter spat with Clementine Ford and the hypocrisy of third-wave feminism.


Ezra Levant speaks with Cory Bernardi about the current political climate in Australia and the ABC’s left wing indoctrination agenda.


Ezra Levant speaks with recently red pilled and ex-Labor Party leader Mark Lathamm about the culture war in Australia.


Ezra speaks with news contributor to The Rebel, Dr. Tanveer Ahmed about the psychology behind victim culture.


Ezra speaks with another contributor to The Rebel Australia, Alison Bevege, who famously bull horned Hizb-ut Tahrir at one of their meetings to confront them on their views on apostates of Islam.

Article by Brendan – Editor in Chief


4 thoughts on “The Rebel Media hits Australia

    • I have never been a member of Facebook or Twitter or any of them. If you are over Facebook, may I suggest as an alternative? No moderation / censorship (well, so far anyway).


  1. The future of Western Civilisation is Communism under Islam. Next like Europe, then like South Africa and finally like Zimbabwe. Remember USA did not save these countries, they will not save Australia.


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