Channel 10 is FAKE NEWS!

Last night Channel 10 showed their inability to conduct real, unbiased, legitimate journalism during a pathetic segment on United Patriot’s Front Leader Blair Cottrell and the charges made against him by Victorian police for ‘offending’ Muslims online.

As Zero Filter has been covering in recent days, Blair Cottrell has been charged with 4 criminal offences, 2 of which are for ‘offending’ Muslims in a satirical video made by UPF where they staged a mock beheading in ISIS-style.

AN ENTIRE YEAR LATER, Victorian police decided to lay the charges on Blair and a few of his fellow United Patriot’s Front members who were involved in the making of the video.

Blair posted a video this week detailing the charges made on him which has received upwards of 350,000 views. In the video, Blair points out the astounding hypocrisy of the Victorian police charging him for causing offence to Muslims, when left-wing, black clothed, masked radicals known as Antifa have been caught time and time again going around in groups, beating up people who disagree with them.

In an article published yesterday, we mentioned UPF’s announcement that Blair would be meeting with Channel 10 to discuss the on-going saga and that there would be a segment aired that night regarding Blair’s charges.


If this is highest standard of journalism that Channel 10 is able to conduct, then you are better off coming to Zero Filter for your news from now on.

Are they that incompetent and doubtful of their own ability to shame Blair, that we only heard about 5 seconds of Blair speaking?

Because they know that the United Patriot’s Front is in no way related to Neo-Nazi’s, the best they could do was cut to a 3 second clip where the reporter asked Blair if he was a Neo-Nazi, obviously knowing he was going to say no. They think people are so stupid that by airing that question and nothing else, people now have no choice but to think he is most probably a neo-nazi because ‘our trusted Channel 10 News’ said so.

And Kayser Trad, seriously?

Kayser Trad, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, openly declared his intent to marry a second wife on A Current Affair recently, also saying that polygamy should be legal in Australia. The Daily Mail wrote and article this year on Kayser Trad which stated that ‘Trad called for the part of Shariah law that allows for men to have up to four wives to be accepted in Australia and admitted that he wanted a second wife.’

And apparently the United Patriot’s Front is radical?

Finally, here are Blair’s thoughts on the whole fiasco where he mentions that he has been bombarded with Facebook messages from people asking how they can donate to Blair’s case since the Channel 10 appearance.

Article by Brendan – Founder of Zero Filter

5 thoughts on “Channel 10 is FAKE NEWS!

  1. It was a reinactment of what is in the Qaran..and they said the same thing on Islamic radio Sat. night broadcast.Typical of Trad to quash discussion.


  2. Blair, keep strong. It’s so heartening to see young men standing up for Australia. Of course we (the waking majority) know that everyone else can have an opinion, say and do what they like in subversive activity against Australia but the patriots can’t keep the bastards constitutional correct. Well, that’s now changing. I’m with you!


  3. Channel 10 is certainly not the only “Fake News” It seems they all have a real Left Lean, some more than others now days & don’t even try to hide it…I for one are constantly amazed at the blanton bias expressed as fact, they stare at the camera with no shame…Journalism is the real loser here as the public leave in droves from the Media & indeed the 2 main parties of Politics… The Majority of the Middle Class has finally awoken, let us hope.


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