United Patriot’s Front Leader Blair Cottrell to Appear on Channel 10 Tonight

A Facebook post on the United Patriot’s Front Facebook page today said Blair Cottrell has been invited for an interview with Channel 10 to talk about charges he received for ‘offending’ Muslims online.

If you have not read our previous article titled ‘United Patriots Front Leader Blair Cottrell charged by police for ‘offending’ Muslims online’, here is an excerpt that will explain the situation:

In a video made by United Patriot’s Front Leader, Blair Cottrell announces that he and two other UPF members have been charged with 4 different criminal offences by Victorian state police which include ‘offending’ Muslims online and pouring red dye outside the City of Greater Bendigo council chambers.

The charges were laid on the UPF members for a video they made in 2015 where they staged a mock beheading on a dummy made of pillows while chanting ‘Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar’.

The purpose of the video was to protest plans for a mosque to be built in Bendigo Town centre, but Blair filmed this video outside the Great Bendigo Council building to protest the Bendigo Mayor and council members’ plan to ridicule and silence protesters.

UPF made a post on Facebook hours ago stating that Blair will be meeting with Channel 10 today to discuss the charges laid on him for ‘offending’ Muslims.

Blaire’s video describing the charges he received by Victorian police has reached 350,000 views in the few days since it was posted.

The video has received alot of attention, and according to a photo posted by UPF in the days following the release of the video, the page’s traffic has skyrocketed to a reach of 4,000,000 people this week:

This is not Blair’s first appearance on TV. He recently appeared on Hack Live’s Aussie Patriots episode where he was ambushed by all members on the panel (majority being Muslims) in a fiery debate focusing Islam, indigenous Australia and multiculturalism.

Tune in to Channel 10 news tonight, if you can stomach the editing.

Article by Brendan – Founder of Zero Filter

2 thoughts on “United Patriot’s Front Leader Blair Cottrell to Appear on Channel 10 Tonight

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  2. Excuse me! I am offended that muslims in Australia are using our streets to pray. Covering their faces in public places frightening me. Hanging around in groups attacking individuals. Agressivly rioting in the streets threatening to kill us. Personally threatening to burn me to death and burn the flag which was printed on my sarong as I was peacfully going to the beach. I have personally been threatened in front of tv cameras hundreds of police reported on channel 7,9,10,2 and SBS and the insident was ignored. Why werent they arrested and charged for attempted muder.
    I was fisically threatened not play acting. This zhould be thrown out of court. I was offended and scared. The law should have arrested every individual that threatened me but that didnt happen No the muslims should also be ignored there is no law that says you are forbidden to play act in the street. This man threatened no one so they should not have a case. Muslims are offending Australians all the time scaring us all the time. One rule for everyone their religious belief has nothing whatsoever to do with us. It never should it should only apply to a muslim because it is their law and beleif not ours.


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