Trump Supporter tells The Young Turks reporter “Zionism is biggest problem, The Truth is with Alex Jones and”

A young Trump Supporter was interviewed by Eric Byler, a reporter for The Young Turks at a Donald Trump rally in Sanford, Florida.

The young man said America faces issues such as the flow of immigrants coming across the border and people from the middle east with radical Islamic beliefs, who spread terror and crime.

He said the biggest problem that America faces is Zionism, which is not only the biggest issue in America but around the globe:

                “We need to end Zionism, which is huge and is probably the biggest problem that we have in this country today and around the globe where a few people control pretty much everything. They control all the money, all business and brainwash everyone through education systems. Everything is controlled by a few people at the top and that’s the biggest issue. I think that Trump is going to end that, it’s the biggest problem in this country today. I think Trump will address that.”

Eric Byler responded by trying to find out what the young man meant by Zionism:

                “It threw me off when you used the word Zionism, what would be another word just so I can get on the same page as you?”

The Trump supporter explained his definition of Zionism::

                “Zionism is an ideology in which a few people at the top from a specific religious group attempt to control the masses, and most people never heard of it.”

Eric Byler then asked:

                “Are you talking about Judaism?”

The Trump supporter bluntly responded:

                “No, I’m talking about Zionism.”

It seemed Eric Byler had some sort of issue with the Trump Supporter claiming Zionism is the biggest issue around the world today. He asked if the Trump supporter would apply the same standards towards people of other religions:

                “So if a Christian or Muslim wanted to control the world, then that would be bad also?”

The Trump supporter again responded bluntly:


Byler seemed to have reached a dead end, not expecting the response he was obviously fishing around for.

The Trump reporter continued:

“They control all the money, all the business, all the politicians that don’t have the peoples’ best interest in mind. They control all of these things, and if we can stop that, if we can a get a real leader in this country, someone who actually stands for the constitution and the people then perhaps we can change this country and have a new path for the future of the world”.

Byler asked if there was anything else he wanted to add. The Trump supporter responding with yet another comment would have not pleased The Young Turks reporter:

“Follow Alex Jones at, The Young Turks is not the best network to follow. The Truth is with David Duke and Alex Jones.”

Article by Brendan – Editor in Chief of Zero Filter


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