7 NEWS POLL: 75% think Pauline Hanson would make a better Prime Minister than Malcolm Turnbull

Responding to an opinion poll today revealing 45 percent of Queenslanders think One Nation addresses their issues better than the major parties, 7 News Australia’s facebook page added a poll of which 75% of people think Pauline Hanson would make a better Prime Minister than Malcom Turnbull.

The poll which is still currently open asks, ‘Do you think Pauline Hanson would make a better prime minister than Malcom Turnbull?’ Of the 8000 people that have answered so far, a whopping 75 per cent say they would prefer Pauline Hanson as Prime Minister of Australia.

7 news poll on pauline hanson.PNG

In the opinion poll published in The Courier Mail today, the voting intentions of roughly 900 Queenslanders demonstrated the ongoing trend that the political establishment is crumbling.The poll was conducted on November 9-10, shortly after Donald Trump’s unprecedented, but not unexpected, Presidential victory.

In response to the question ‘Do you think Pauline Hanson and the One Nation party address issues of concern to Queenslanders better than the majority parties?’, 45 percent said yes, 46 percent said no and 9 percent said they were unsure.

pauline hanson 45%.jpg

One Nation’s phenomenal momentum is showing no signs of waning and the major parties have been scrambling since One Nation’s incredible election performance.

Since the election, One Nation’s support has literally quadrupled according to a widely circulated Newspoll conducted a few weeks ago.

In regard the unexpected polling results, Sunrise talked about the increased popularity of One Nation and posed the question, ‘Like Donald Trump, could the possibility of Pauline Hanson being Prime Minister of Australia be far away?’



The words racist, xenaphobic and islamophobic have been thrown at One Nation and its supporters so much it’s lost all meaning, and today is yet another example of the catastrophic effect for the political establishment when they play the game of identity politics.

Article by Brendan – Zero Filter

14 thoughts on “7 NEWS POLL: 75% think Pauline Hanson would make a better Prime Minister than Malcolm Turnbull

  1. For ever Australia has had two variations of the same political party – Liberal right of left and ALP left of left! Time for some extreme Right to sort out the mess that Aussies have inherited!


    • I don’t believe that Pauline Hanson or her party is as far right as she made out to be, in reality she’s politically very balanced with her loyalty to sovereign Australia and its sovereign people, the thing is we’ve been scooted along at a great rate of knots toward the European socialist globalist establishment of governance for quiet a while and now there starting to run scared name calling, “calling her extreme” or “on the extreme right of politics” when it’s in fact the establishment that’s gone extremely extreme towards communist socialism and politically monuvering to try and force there agenda 21 on us all.( the establishment of the new world order) which is or was on the UN web page.


  2. None of the major parties even come anywhere the poeple of Queensland since the mining boom went burst Pauline and one nation party & the bob katter part r the only poeple who go out and talk 2 poeple that r hurting the most


  3. Not a surprise. Pauline has integrity and Australia’s interest at heart. Turnbull represents the U.N and doesn’t care about Australia. When Australians wake up, One Nation’s support will continue to rise.


  4. The silent majority are stirring .we are fed up with Political Correct Politicans who are not representing us. And the invasion of a political force hiding behind a religious belief,


  5. Pauline Hanson and One Nation will be the saviours of Australia eventually, remember you let Rudd-Gillard-Rudd, ruin our economy, degrade us on the world stage, so our children and grandchildren will suffer the consequences for a very long time, you people in the media had better start looking at the facts senator Hanson is our Pauline and we the people are speaking up through her, she is listening to us, she really cares about Australia unlike the boys at the big end of town, looking after their mates and sucking up to big business and I would like to just say have a very merry Christmas, as us Christian’s celebrate the Birth of our Lord Jesus


  6. Pauline is for the true Australian people regardless of their background and just wants a fair deal for all.
    Why wouldn’t people want her as prime minister?
    She is the best suited she stands her ground and won’t be pushed around. You have my vote Pauline hats off to you. Keep up the good work.


  7. She is so wright she will bring to Australia lots of goodness in many ways – ways forgotten to many politycly corrupt fools ,fattttsos from liberal and lybour party – and you know what ………… It’s TIME …. ,!!good on You Pouline .


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