Sydney Morning Herald Tells XYZ They Hope To One Day Write Their Own Satire

The regressive left has given a whole new meaning to the word regressive.

Conservative news website XYZ scored an exclusive interview with an unnamed source at the Sydney Morning Herald, who says that after Thursday’s hit piece on Cory Bernardi which it published via The Shovel, it hopes to one day be good enough to write satire itself.

When it comes to the relentless attacks that have become part of daily life for conservatives, leftists continue to expose themselves as the conniving, dishonest people they really are.

An interview with Sydney Morning Herald’s unnamed source further illustrates this unfortunate reality that SJW’s find themselves in.

The unnamed source told XYZ:

“We’ve been working really, really hard to think of funny jokes and stuff.  And that’s no mean feat, given that we have so many femmos and vegans working here.  We think it is really cool that SBS has been using the funds it gets from regular Australians to write satire attacking only conservative politicians, so we have been thinking, you know, maybe we should get government funding too.  We’ve been leaking money like a siv, so we think we deserve to get free money.”

When asked for a comment, an unnamed XYZ editor showed no ambition to sink the already sinking ship of the Sydney Morning Herald.

I hope you receive the same satisfaction when reading the following comment that I did:

“Look, I don’t have a journalism degree.  I work full time.  I don’t get paid to do this s—.  But anybody can write satire, it’s a piece of p—.  The Sneering Morning Herald doesn’t need to “share” articles from the Shovel.  All they need to do is copy the exact same format of the Shovel, but instead of doing what I’ve been doing for the last year and a half – replace jokes made at the expense of conservatives with jokes made at the expense of “progressives,” then deliver it deadpan – they just have to keep it as is, and keep it between 200 and 300 words.”


Article by Brendan – Chief Editor of ZeroFilter


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