Petition for The Project to apologise to Steven Price gets over 20,000 signatures

As many are already aware, The Project recently invited guest presenter and Hillary Clinton supporter, Jamila Rizvi to discuss the election of Donald Trump.

What started off as a civil discussion, of which is very rarely demonstrated on The Project when it comes to Donald Trump, turned in to a nasty attack from the entire panel on conservative Steve Price.

The petition says that no matter what side of politics you happen to fall on, nobody deserves the abuse and degradation that was shown on the program.

Price, a regular guest on The Project and 2GB presenter, began by talking about how and why Trump won the election and eluded to ‘Real America’ as the major factor in the result.

“What that shows you is that the people in real America, small town America, weren’t buying the bulldust coming out of the elites-“

After 4 seconds, Price was suddenly cut-off and this is where Rizvi’s abusive tirade began.

“Sorry can we cut through bullshit about the idea of there being a real America. Like, all America is real.”

Price made a sensible effort not let the exchange escalate any further, however, the entire panel proceeded to humiliate Price further. This is when Price got personal.

“This is the reason why Donald Trump won, because people like you lecture and hector people.”

It was when Carrie Bickmore came to to Rizvi’s rescue by telling Price to “watch his tone” that viewers decided to take action.

The petition has received over 17,000 signatures since the event. The Sydney Morning Herald and other news websites have covered the growing number of signatures on the petition.

Social Justice news website, Junkee, accused Price of “talking down” to Rizvi (I’m surprised they didn’t use “mansplained”) in what seems to be an attempt bring sexism in to the discussion. Luckily, Junkee seems to have been largely ignored, despite their usual attempt to create some kind of social injustice out of thin air.

Rizvi has been known not to be the most tolerant of the radical left.


Channel 10 are yet to respond to the petition.

Article by Brendan – Chief Editor of Zero Filter

5 thoughts on “Petition for The Project to apologise to Steven Price gets over 20,000 signatures

  1. Price should never be on a show that is by FAR. The most leftist elitist show on TV presently airing all involved are a disgrace to independent journalism and to top it off an insult to Australian values (Walleed) who constantly refers to anyone not in agreement as less than ,racist or , bigoted how can any normal person with an opinion put them self in front of that 😱


  2. I sent an e-mail to the show in June when we returned from a trip to the USA that Trump would win. I sent it after the panel had a go, once again at Steve Price, when he stated that he thought there could be an upset in the election. He has a tougher skin than I have as the panel, and Carrie in particular, is very derisive towards him.

    Sharon B


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