Trump Tears – The Aussie Edition

As you may have been aware, the 2016 United States Presidential Election took place yesterday and it was a nail-biter. But by Wednesday afternoon, we had our new US President. Donald J. Trump.

There are a lot of individuals who are a little bit upset.

carrie bickmore.png

I also won 250 bucks.

Note: There are no breaks on the #TrumpTrain.


I was inspired to publish this after an interaction just before I went into my second university exam:

Wearing my red and white Make America Great Again hat and smiling about the sweet victory my candidate had achieved, I stood outside and waited to go inside. It was then that I was approached by a young, overweight man-child who was attending another exam. We locked eyes through the crowd before I noticed the badge on his jumper supporting Hillary Clinton. He had a vendetta and I knew it.

He yelled something I didn’t quite catch and the emotion in his voice over the matter made me laugh. Others waiting for their exam started to look at him with confusion.
He yelled loudly again, gaining the attention of more onlookers.
Of course I laughed again and tried to brush him off, telling him I was just here for my exam. Not giving him the reaction he was asking for, this seemed to frustrate him even further, as he walked away, face red from anger.

This outburst was great and I would like to share a few more Australians who are upset about the United States election (saved the best for last):

Wealthy Australian Musician and TV Presenter with Bipolar Disorder:

ruby rose.png

Actress So Irrelevant I Had To Look Her Up:

caitlyn stacey.png

Unfunny Comedian Who Peaked and Can Only Make it on Radio Now:

Actress Who Was Literally Only Successful Because of Her Weight Problem:


The One Whose Job Consists of Changing Clothes and Looking at a Camera:


Another Great Reason to Vote Trump:


Australian John Oliver, Creator of the Australian Last Week Tonight:


And finally:

This Pile of Shit:

Waleed Aly Sticks it to the Man

I’m like 90% sure his been crying.

waleed crying.jpg

Article by Daniel – Regular Contributor to Zero Filter


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