Social Justice, Censorship, Safe Schools and The Regressive Left

When you hear the word Censorship, what usually comes to mind is a government organisation like the Gestapo or KGB silencing critics and only allowing government approved points of view. Another example would be Winston Smith from George Orwell’s 1984, who works at the Ministry of Truth as a historical revisionist, rewriting records and altering photographs.

These are the most obvious forms of censorship, however, we must ask how these organisations were able to maintain their narratives when there are millions of individuals capable of their own thoughts. This begins with re-education by conditioning individuals to think a way that is needed to maintain the narrative. The next step is preventing criticism of the narrative and quelling ideas that may contradict it. Finally, incentivize the population to report instances of wrong-think, and fear will eventually cause self-censorship.


Self-censorship is the key to success of any secret police. We must speak our minds at every opportunity and challenge regressive opinion with reality and fact to prevent fear of expressing our own opinions. People have become afraid to disagree with the mainstream narrative for fear of being called a racist, bigot, sexist etc. These labels are a nothing but a mechanism used to shut down conversation by silencing opposing arguments.

While one side of an argument chooses to remain ignorant, the opposing side has laid out their position for the court of public opinion to decide. It is rare that they will be convinced by the opposing argument, however, posing the argument allows others to stumble across it and see both points of view. This war of ideas is truly a war of attrition and I firmly believe the moderates and liberals who have been hung out to dry by the left have an advantage in this battle. Those who promote outrage culture and political correctness have fired all of their ammunition at apolitical individuals who previously would have had no issue with them.

The radical left is currently using these methods to train an entire generation of activists.

If you are in control of education: primary, secondary and tertiary, the media: the mainstream narrative, and the government: imposing the narrative by force, you have the formula to create a society as your perfect utopia.

More than 5 million people died in the Soviet famine of 1932-33. The desire for the Soviet Union to maintain their system of control required mass disinformation and outright lies in order to implement collectivism and suppression by use of force. The failure of the policies was irrelevant, the party lie had to maintained at any cost.

The justification is the greater good. If you believe in something strong enough, anything you do to reach that goal becomes justified.

roz ward.PNG

We are currently seeing the indoctrination of our primary schools with policies such as The Safe Schools Program created by self-identified Marxists such as Roz Ward. Safe Schools has been forced in to primary education by cultural Marxists through social coercion and has infiltrated 297 schools across Australia

While the Safe Schools program uses an ‘anti-bullying’ platform to justify its existence, Roz Ward herself has said in a Leaked Video from 2014 that “Safe Schools is not about stopping bullying. It’s about gender and sexual diversity”.

This is an ideology that ignores biological science and is being pushed by radical leftists who wish to destroy gender roles and the foundation of western civilisation.

Individuals like Roz Ward do not come out of no where. They have been trained in this ideology, largely through universities which have lost any intention of creating equal political representation. The left have created a faux intelligentsia of champagne socialists who wish to brainwash students toward social justice.

Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov explains the process of ideological subversion, using social justice as a tool for the demoralisation of a nation.

“It takes from 15 to 20 years for demoralisation” “…this is the minimum number of years it takes to educate one generation of students” “…dropouts or half-baked intellectuals are now occupying the positions +of power in the government, civil service, business, mass media and educational system”.

Our media upholds this narrative of political correctness through mass conditioning of the public. The majority of mainstream news networks are owned by a few radical leftists. They have weeded out any conservatives viewpoints from their news coverage, with the exception of Fox News. They are in control.

Donald Trump’s election victory is a massive step toward taking that control back. The propaganda spewed by nearly every ‘journalist’ who reported on the election has ultimately exposed the ‘tolerant’ and ‘progressive’ ideology for what it really is.  The selling out of the fourth estate has lead to the rise of alternative media and citizen journalists doing their job for them.

It’s up to those both on the right and the reasonable left to push against this movement that has infected our culture and there has never been a better time with the momentum that has been gained. We must continue to speak out to ensure that we can in the future.

Article by Daniel – Contributor to Zero Filter


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