Daniel Andrews’ Hateful Marxist Appeal To Turnbull On 18C

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has produced a letter for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, pretending to represent regular Australian views while only providing the Marxist party line from the champagne socialists within his government.

In his letter, Andrews’ is appealing to the federal government to reject proposed changes to the 18C legislation. These proposed changes, which have been put forward by the Liberal Party whose concern is the legislation’s likely infringement on freedom of speech and the potential risk of abuse.

The fear is hate speech, which Andrews’ seems to have forgotten fits within the definition of Freedom of Speech: “the right to articulate one’s opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction.”


The solution to bad ideas, is to confront them with good ideas and convince your audience of the merit of your argument without requiring  force such as government suppression.
Suppression does not change hearts and minds, but rather breeds resentment toward whatever you are trying to ‘protect’.

Believing in the Holocaust based on information, evidence and arguments that have been presented leads one to question why Holocaust denial laws exist in 16 European countries and rather than convincing someone, it leads to questioning why such laws exist and are necessary. What could such laws be protecting or even hiding?

holocaust denying countries.PNG

Regardless of the fact that sites like StormFront and productions such as The Greatest Story Never Told exist, the vast majority of people agree with the mainstream narrative regarding the Nazi treatment of Jews and undesirables.

Having read both Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Marx and Engle’s Communist Manifesto multiple times I can honestly say that their content drove me further from antisemitism and communism than any law banning them or opposing argument ever could have.

Those pushing the 18C legislation, and fighting against any attempt to reign it in are either pushing an agenda which cannot be convincingly argued in the marketplace of ideas or he simply does not trust the intelligence of his constituents to come to the best conclusion.

A proven ideological and political crusader, it seems likely that his more radical-left policies, in particular the Marxist-created Safe Schools Program – which pushes unproven and unscientific gender ideology to indoctrinate children through public schooling, will not continue to be possible unless criticism is banned.

Even a review into the program which found “a number of resources” included in the content not suitable for all children lead to an end to federal funding and an overhaul of the entire program, the Andrews’ government insisted on Victorians footing the bill for it to continue.

minus 18.PNG

While the founder of Safe Schools, Roz Ward has been removed from her role, many of Andrews’ critics believe this was simply an appeasement needed to reduce his declining popularity and a lack of transparency has been met with calls that Ward’s removal is not far enough.

At the time of writing, this was the most popular comment amongst other opinions, both for and against the Premiers letter and nails it right on the head, giving an insight into how out of touch Daniel Andrews’ is with the people he is supposed to represent.


Article by Daniel – Editor at Zero Filter

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