Mark Latham: Hillary’s Identity Politics Campaign was a Hopeless, Pathetic Joke!

Former Labor Party leader Mark Latham said Hillary Clinton’s attempt to put together an identity coalition was a hopeless, pathetic joke during an interview with conservative news pundit Andrew Bolt on The Bolt Report following the US election.

“The Hillary Clinton attempt to put together an identity coalition was a hopeless, pathetic joke. If people on the left don’t understand that identity politics and the political correctness that comes with it is totally counterproductive in the electorate and totally counterproductive for the proper ideals of social democracy, then they are from another planet.”

Latham, an outspoken critic of feminism and other radical leftist conspiracy theories, said there is a lesson that conservatives need to take from Donald Trump’s victory, giving particular mention to real conservatives like Corey Bernardi and Andrew Bolt himself.

It is interesting that someone like Mark Latham, being the former leader of the predominantly left wing Labor Party, has been one of the biggest voices against Cultural Marxist ideologies. Latham wrote an article on the safe schools program, a program driven through our institutions by the Labor Party and the left, describing it as ‘Neo-Marxist feminists sending a neutered Trojan Horse into schools to re-engineer our children’s sexuality and social values.’

Latham’s condemnation of the radical left is probably most well-known by the fiery debate that erupted in the Weekend Sunrise studio with host Andrew O’keefe and  feminist Van Badham, commonly referred to as ‘Van Banshee’ for her hysterical, feminist outbursts.

Article by Brendan – Founder of Zero Filter

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