Andrew Bolt calls for a Showdown with the Violent Left

The Bolt Report’s very own Andrew Bolt says it is time to stand up against the neo-fascist radical left and that the One Nation rally in Caulfield is the place to start.

A One Nation rally that is planned to take place in Caulfield has been met with plans by a group of masked neo-fascist radical left protesters who violently confront political rallies by conservatives, Christians and the right.

They are a radical leftist movement in Victoria called “Antifa” who are known to crash conservative, right wing rallies and demonstrate their protest by use of violence.

POLICE will be out in force in Caulfield this weekend, with hundreds of protesters set to rally at an upcoming One Nation event.

But the conservative Jewish lobbyist who has organised the event with One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts, said he was working with police to ensure a safe and peaceful community forum.

IDF Training gym owner Avi Yemini confirmed the event’s location as Caulfield Park Bowling Club this Sunday, and he expected more than 150 people to attend…

Ms Hanson and Mr Roberts were invited to speak about Islamic immigration and other controversial topics such as changes to Freedom of Speech laws…

Victoria Police spokeswoman Danielle Fleeton said they have been working closely with event organisers of the public forum in Caulfield…

“Victoria Police is aware that similar events in the past have resulted in violence and would urge attendees to be aware and not bring vulnerable people or children.

Andrew Bolt knows the wrath of radical leftist violence all too well when he and his family were forced to move out of their Sydney home to a new, secretive location due to death threats he received from alleged Islamic State supporters.

You can read Andrew’s full blog post here.


Article by Brendan – Founder of Zero Filter

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