Former One Nationer David Oldfield causes mass tiggering on Twitter on #FirstContact

The progressive lefties took to Twitter last night to demonstrate their tolerance towards opposing viewpoints during the first episode of First Contact.

David Oldfield, Pauline Hanson’s former right hand man in the One Nation party throughout the 90’s copped relentless attack from triggered millennials using the hashtag #firstcontact.

First Contact is a 3 Part TV show that has been massively advertised over the past few weeks by the Social Justice News Network, also known as SBS. The show follows 5 celebrities (D-list celebrities) in their one month long travel throughout Aboriginal communities in the hope of experiencing some sort of cultural awakening.

To my shock, the show portrays David Oldfield as a racist bigot for the JUSTIFIED criticisms that he made about Aboriginal culture, the reality of Aboriginal communities and its problem with crime, suicide, alcoholism and drug addiction. There seems to be an orchestrated attempt to blame all of these problems on white Australians, even though the communities are run for and by Aboriginals themselves.

“Frankly Aboriginal Australia should have died out like the stone age,” Oldfield says early on when referring to Aboriginal culture.“Aboriginality is just unnecessary. It’s not really in the best interests of Aboriginal people. It’s not good for Aborigines to remain Aborigines. You just naturally let it die out.”

Here are some tweets from progressives who demonstrate their tolerance towards anyone with an opposing viewpoint. Wait… isn’t that the definition of bigot?





This tweet was by Aboriginal blacktivist who goes by the name of ‘The Yorta Yorta man’. He recently made video calling for people to boycott the National Anthem during the AFL Grand Final. Zero Filter made a rebuttal to the video on their Youtube Channel.




Article by Brendan – Founder of Zero Filter

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