Turnbull wants Carbon Tax – Flashback to Malcom Roberts Debunking Climate Change on QandA

Malcom Turnbull is reviving the disastrous, already debated Carbon Tax that was tossed out years ago by the Liberal party. Turnbull has always had a weak spot for the fanatical religion of climate change and is being laughed at by members of his own party for bringing this ridiculous debate back to the table.

Are we really supposed to believe that this is a heartfelt and genuine attempt by Turnbull to save the planet from an anthropogenic, glazier melting Armageddon? What a joke! This is absolutely, 100 per cent political and shows where Turnbull’s elitists loyalties lie. Turnbull is determined to satisfy the extreme views of the Greens. If you still had some faith that Turnbull would come around and restore trust with conservatives and not cave in to the radical left, now is the time to stop.

This is another strong indication that the political establishment in Australia is determined to steer the country in the opposite direction of Donald Trump in the United States and side with United Nations globalism. Donald Trump’s promise to withdraw the United States from the globalist endorsed Paris Climate Agreement is at direct odds with Turnbull’s ambition for Australia to remain in the Paris Climate agreement.

In an interview on The Bolt Report, Corey Bernardi expressed his astonishment at the Liberal Party employing an ‘everything is on the table’ review of carbon dioxide emissions policy.

In his latest common sense blog, Bernardi outlines the negative effect that high reliance on renewable energy has had on Australia, particularly in South Australia:

“In South Australia, where we have the highest renewable reliance in the country, we also have the least reliable energy supply at the highest cost. My home state is the living example of what Shorten, Xenophon et al (and some Libs) want to see repeated across the rest of the country.

Businesses here are in despair. Some are seeing 100 per cent increases in annual contract prices. Some are deferring investment whilst others are shutting up shop because they cannot afford an extra $500k every year to power their enterprise.

Households are struggling to keep their air-conditioners running as utility bills skyrocket.”

It seems Turnbull is not aware that the warming projections made in the climate change gospel of which all climate scientists have based their arguments, the IPPC’s climate change report, has time and time again been proven to be hopelessly wrong and manipulated to demonstrate higher warming than is actually happening.

There is also the failed doctrine; ‘there is an absolute consensus that anthropogenic global warming is taking place’. One Nation Senator Malcom Roberts is well known for his scepticism on climate science. He points out what should be an obvious fact among the world of science which is that science is not, and never will be based on consensus. Let’s take a flashback to when he took on, and frankly, schooled Professor Brian Cox in a climate debate on Q and A earlier this year.

Article by Brendan – Founder of Zero Filter

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