Paul Joseph Watson: What They’re Not Telling You About The Russian Ambassador Shooting

Paul Joseph Watson of released a video revealing shocking information that the mainstream media is not telling us about the Turkish police officer, or more correctly Islamic terrorist, who shot a Russian Ambassador dead in an horrific attack whilst chanting ‘Allahu Akhbar’ confirming his membership of ‘the religion of peace.’

The mainstream media had the gaul to try and humanise the shooter, saying he was ’emotional’ about the jihadists who were defeated in Aleppo. The crowned champions of fakes news, CNN, opened their article on the story by writing, “A gunman shouting ‘Do not forget Aleppo!’ assasinated Russia’s ambassador to Turkey.’

In the video footage you can clearly hear the shooter shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar’ as he is waving his gun around, but CNN must do everything it can to try and distance the shooter from the religion of peace as this does not suit their narrative of ‘culturally enriching’ Muslims.

Here is a tweet that was made by someone who translated the tweet that the shooter made prior to the attack. Nothing to do with Islam.


You can be sure that you will not get the full story from the mainstream media, so here is a video from veteran reporter, Paul Joseph Watson, on what they’re not telling about the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey.


Share this video far and wide, and for more of Paul Joseph Watson’s videos click here.

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Article by Brendan – Founder of Zero Filter


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