Melbourne: The Most Liveable City… Not Anymore

Melbourne has the title of “The Most Liveable City” in the world, above cities such as Vienna, Vancouver, and Toronto. But is Australia’s largest growing city really deserving of such a title?

After I visited my home city in September 2016, I have to argue that Melbourne is undeserving of the title.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Melbourne, I was born and raised in that city, and I will always call it home. But unfortunately that home has been ransacked and robbed since I left to live in the United States in 2013. Within the space of three years I could hardly recognize my neighborhood in Doncaster, and the surrounding city..

My first shock was discovering the development of all the new high-rise apartment complexes being built around Doncaster Shoppingtown, and the Box Hill area. Not only that, but houses that I had grown up around, traditional, well-built, Australian brick-bungalows were being knocked down en-masse, in order to make room for cheaply made, yet far too expensive apartments and housing complexes. My own grandmother was offered about a million dollars for her house in Doncaster, luckily she declined the offer, well aware of the fact that the buyers had little concern over preserving a well-made, functional, affordable house, and would just knock it down in order to build up more poorly built housing complexes. Asian buyers are slowly but surely almost gaining a monopoly on housing and property. What has basically been happening over the last few years is that the Asian buyers, usually hailing from China, have been purchasing property in the CBD and surrounding suburbs and developing housing and apartment complexes. They are using cheap, hazardous materials, such as asbestos, to construct many of these buildings, and they rarely, if ever, meet the Australian standard, but are given a special pass because they are injecting the State and Federal government with exorbitant amounts of cash, at the cost of the Australian people.

The reason why most of these developments are happening is to create more housing for Melbourne’s rapidly growing population. This population growth is not due to the native Australian population having children, but is fueled by mass immigration from foreign lands, mostly Asia, the Middle-East and North Africa. Most of these immigrants come over to take advantage over the many opportunities, and the social and economic benefits of living in a Western, capitalist, democracy.

The destructive immigration policies of both the Labor and Liberal governments has caused a massive societal division under the guise of “multiculturalism”, with Islamic extremism and Islamism surging in Australian society, and North African migrant gangs such as the Apex Gang terrorising the native population. I visited St. Albans, where I lived with my family for the first 5 years of my life, and was shocked at how much the neighborhood had changed. It used to just have the reputation of being a bit of a drug den in the 90’s and early 2000’s, but now it has become much worse, and has basically turned into a little Somalia and Vietnam mix.

The Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, is renowned for his constant spouting of leftists go-to phrases such as “diversity is our strength”, when the massive spike in violent crimes, which is now at 11.6% in Victoria, tells a completely different story. Just last week the Australian Federal Police were able to foil a terrorist attack that would’ve taken place on Christmas Day, where key landmarks, like Flinders Street Station and St. Paul’s Cathedral would have been attacked. Four of the men were Australian-born, with Lebanese heritage, the other also being an Australian citizen, but was originally born in Egypt.

It begs the question, how could these Australian-born people, who had grown up in Australia, as Australians, all their lives, who had been surrounded by Australian values and given an Australian education, become radical Islamic terrorists? And how many more people just like them are out there, planning to carry out similar attacks?

It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that their radicalisation is due to the ideology that they were raised with: Islam. More and more we see the Islamic community in Australia shifting towards Islamism, and Islamic extremism. Just the other week thousands of Muslims marched in the streets of Melbourne, demanding Sharia Law take precedence over Australian freedom, and the law of the land. Multiculturalism in Melbourne has failed, as multiculturalism always does. Instead of uniting the people under one flag of “diversity”, it has created separation in Australian society like nothing else before.

Melbourne’s massive population growth, which is expected to double by 2031, alongside the increased division, and worryingly increasing violent crime rate, Melbourne has gone from being a shining example of how Western capitalism can succeed and thrive, to becoming an almost third-world nation in some areas. This greatly saddens many of us native Melbourners, as we see our city plunge further into the hole that leftism, and the Labor and Liberal governments have dug for it.

Article by Ilija – Editor at Zero Filter

5 thoughts on “Melbourne: The Most Liveable City… Not Anymore

  1. And Turnbull will continue to destroy our beautiful country, for what reason, to line his nest? He would sell his own children if he could profit from the sale. Such a disgusting person


  2. This is a national tragedy. And for what? The true people of Australia, the ones who actually love and respect what we have, what are we to do? This is a creeping horror, we are lost, all we worked for will be gone. I thought those who ran this country did so for our benefit. Not to our detriment..


    • Our grandfathers & great grandfathers fought great battles to keep imposters out of our Country & here we are letting them in & paying them for the privilige. Aargh!


  3. “Just the other week thousands of Muslims marched in the streets of Melbourne, demanding Sharia Law take precedence over Australian freedom…”

    Dude… when was that?? I had no idea…

    I guess it’s my fault for completely turning my back on the MSM given the amount of BS they try to brainwash us with everyday.

    But yea that’s messed up.


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