Australia – What Lies Ahead In 2017?

As we so often do, at the end of the year we look back at what was; 2016, a year that many have been lauding as the worst in a long time and will no doubt look to forget.

We saw the death of so many much-loved actors and singers, the growing death-toll as the conflict in Syria continued and escalated, the continuation and expansion of Islam-inspired terror attacks in Europe, ISIS hatred filled rampages and more.

For many of us however, 2016 represented a view to a brighter future. The UK referendum showed that a majority no longer wanted to be part of a corrupt, flawed, open bordered cooperation based European Union. The US showed the world that it’s ok to have a differing opinion to what the current mainstream media rams down our throat, to stand up for what you believe and let your voice be heard by electing Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. Trump appealed to those who wanted change, who felt oppressed and who felt let down and proved against all pundits, all odds that it’s the power of inclusivity of a nation, not exclusivity that rings most true.

There is an undeniable global movement, gaining momentum every day, filled with those who are fed up with the politically correct, generally left-wing minority groups who for too long now have been force feeding the rest of us with their nonsense, fake-news and emotionally driven rhetoric that achieves nothing.

So, what next for Australia? What lies ahead for us?

Our great nation, this wide brown land. A country built on immigration, sporting prowess and a can-do attitude. When did we become a nation of whingers and apologists? A nation of politically correct Marxists willing to bow down to any minority group for fear of offence?

It’s OK – we haven’t and you aren’t a fascist or a Nazi for loving your country.

Australia, like the majority of other Western nations and many global democracies, has been subjected to years of political and media driven left-wing PC bashing and shaming, forcing many to bow their head, zip their lips and hold their true thoughts back.

Think about it, how often have you heard the following in recent years?

‘You can’t say that!? You can’t imagine what it’s been like? You have no idea what they’ve been through?’ and my all-time favourite – ‘You’re racist!’, which is the go to line for anyone who has a different opinion, even if it is totally irrelevant in the context of the discussion.

Just imagine a balanced democratic society where everyone’s opinion was heard equally and considered on merit. That isn’t the case currently and it’s why this movement will continue to gain ground. This has been quietly bubbling away in Australia for years now and with the recent developments in the US and Europe, will no doubt continue to grow – despite vehement opposition. Millions of Australians care deeply about this great country, particularly on issues that are constantly being ignored or sidestepped by our Government and Politicians – Crime, Immigration, Islam and Foreign Investment to name but a few.

Who will be the figurehead of this movement to tackle these issues? Will it be One Nations Pauline Hanson or will Cory Bernardi for a new Liberal faction or a new party entirely? Will we see a new political party gain power, spearheaded by new blood such as Blair Cottrell or someone similar? Who knows, all we can hope is that Australia regains its balance and common sense, and makes a conscientious decision to move away from political correct mayhem and towards a stronger, inclusive and united nation.

As always, never be afraid to speak your mind and never be ashamed to love your country, Straya!

Article by Kahan – Author at Zero Filter

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4 thoughts on “Australia – What Lies Ahead In 2017?

  1. Beautifully and eruditely expressed. It just now requires the silent majority to ‘verbal up’ and stop the PC brigade in their tracks!!


  2. We can do it we have ocean all around us..we are isolated, we are miles away from the top end. Yes we need a TRUMP … An take on JAPAN’s stance with fair trade deals an put AUSTRALIA FIRST


  3. Couple of comments 1. Celebrities in the bigger picture are absolutely irrelevant, they are not there to be loved they are there to be used for our entertainment, why would anyone think that people who spend their lives pretending to be someone else have anything at all to add to issues involving reality?
    2. The left are not in the minority where it counts i.e media, entertainment, academia, status quo, education and bureaucracy – they are very much in the ascendancy and it is going to take a lot more than a Pauline Hanson or a Cory Bernardi and maybe even more than a Donald Trump to change that because do not forget there are just as many brain dead people on the right in the status quo as there are on the left.
    3. The left is actually more dangerous that militant Islam for the West as the latter just chop off a few heads every now and then, the left poisons billions of brains every second of every day.
    4. You are right about Trump being a possible agent for change but if he fails the West is probably gone and it will take China, Singapore, Hindu India and Japan to defeat Islam just as Genghis Khan did once before in history.
    5. Because of the above Australia which as usual is lagging behind especially with our current short sighted lot of politicians from all parties, should not gamble, apart from keeping our borders safe the only immigrants we should admit should be disaffected Europeans or Americans from a Judea/Christian cultural upbringing and there would be more than enough of those to keep our immigration quota up.
    As we are finding out mixing races is a completely different thing to trying to mix diametrically opposed cultures. I have lived in very diverse cultural situations – I know what I am talking about.
    6 The West is currently, and has been for a while now currently in a state that represents a French Revolution without guillotines (apart form one death of a female Labor MP in the UK), there is no guarantee that state will peacefully continue particularly given private gun ownership in the USA, and there is no guarantee that reason, rationality and sanity will win the day as we are already in another intellectual dark age that may require stronger action to counter.
    7. Bottom line is action not discussion is what is needed here, just as the average American has shown us how effective it can be to at least get them to a stage where they have a chance of defeating both PC leftism and militant Islam.


  4. It’s so scary to imagine what Australia will be like in 50 years time. At my age I won’t be here, but my grandchildren will be. We had a wonderful country until the politicians started to think more about their hip pockets then looking after our country. The Islamic population just keeps growing and growing and their way of life is totally different to ours. If they keep trying to get Australians to live under heir rules, what hope do we have if their numbers keep growing. I was born in the 40s and when I look back on my life and what Australia was like then, I can hardly recolonize it. How sad for our wonderful country to go down this path. Wake up politicians and start looking after this country and the people who made it what it is today.


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