The Alt Right just went Full 1488 Retard

Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute has been filmed presenting a speech that Adolf Hitler would be proud of at an annual NPI conference in Washington, D.C this weekend.

Let’s get this out of the way. I believe in Richard Spencer’s right to make this speech, but that also requires the responsibility to criticise him. Trump has repudiated the group saying “I condemn them. I disavow, and I condemn.”

After a half-hour closing speech in which Spencer spoke about white superiority including referring to whites as “Children of the Sun” and called opponents of the movement “some of the most despicable creatures to ever walk the planet” he was met with cheers and Nazi salutes.

“Hail Trump, Hail our people, Hail victory”, said Spencer as supporters saluted him.

The Alt-Right used to be a wide range of right-wing political beliefs that no longer cared for old guard of the GOP, however since the division of Left and Right has been widened to extremes it is time to shed the label for any who still remained. It has been claimed by a supremacist movement who wishes to use Trump’s victory for nefarious purposes and is a perfect example of the horseshoe theory in practice. These are the Marxists of the Right, and need to be recognised as such.

The problem is that on many issues he resonates with a larger audience who would normally be turned off by the race rhetoric. At one point he used the word “Lügenpresse” – German for “lying press” – a term that became popular in the 19th Century and was utilised by Hitler for his rise to power. A Gallup Poll was released in September indicating 68% of Americans having distrust in mass media and only 14% of Republicans expressing trust.

The behaviour of the left for the last decade and particularly around the US election and Donald Trump has conditioned people against the labels of bigotry and allowed individuals such as Spencer to believe he can start a new racial-based nationalist movement.

The identity politics that the Left had built up and relied on to maintain their power, was abused to demonise western culture and white people as a group. Now white people who  have been attacked based on their ‘privilege’ have formed that group the Left was so desperate to put them in.

While I am pleased at the right-wing wave currently crashing over the United States and Europe with Brexit and nationalist parties leading polling for their 2017 elections, we must prevent the Right from making the same mistakes we have seen the Left make.

It is more important than ever, whether you support Clinton or Trump to call this behaviour out and rule it as unacceptable. They have a huge amount of momentum and there are plenty of historical precedents that display what this kind of path Richard Spencer would lead us to.

List of genocides by death toll.

Article by Daniel – Contributor to Zero Filter

4 thoughts on “The Alt Right just went Full 1488 Retard

  1. As usual, this incident was blown out of proportion by the lying MSM. Four or five TRS boys, feeling pretty high-energy after Trump’s win, jokingly did a Roman salute at the end of Spencer’s speech when the press was supposedly gone. However “The Atlantic” were there to make a docco of the NPI, recorded it and posted it, sneakily implying that Spencer had encouraged Seig Heiling – which he did not. There were more than 10 hours of speeches with a couple of hundred attendees and this 10 second sound-bite this is the only thing that was reported in MSM.
    MSM also failed to report that numerous NPI attendees were physically attacked outside by leftist “peaceful protesters”.
    Last thing the alt right needs to is to start in-fighting at the instigation of the lying MSM.


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