A Dummies Guide to the Alt-Right

An article by news.com.au arrogantly attempted to explain ‘Alt Right Star Milo Yiannopoulos and what the movement is really about’ after rumours of Milo being pitched for the role of Press Secretary in Donald Trump’s administration.

As News.com.au is mainstream media and mainstream media controls reality, they have to explain the Alt Right to us. Like they said, Britain would never Brexit and Trump would never be President.

Au contraire.

The Alt Right is already popular in Australia, preferring nationalism over globalism and mainly getting info from alternative media in the US. However, alternative media sites Breitbart and Infowars are booming, defying their status as “alternative” and are arguably becoming the new MSM. MSM approval is at an all-time low with many MSM outlets including New York Times and Guardian (currently begging its readers for donations) on the brink of going bust.

Milo Yiannopoulos, a  Jewish homosexual with a fetish for blacks, a Greek name and an English accent is hardly a conservative, cisgender chauvinist. All arguments regarding the extent to which Milo represents the Alt Right aside, he is a shameless self-publicist who certainly enjoys shocking normies. But he does a pretty good PR job and usually defines the Alt Right’s main points as 1. Trade,  2. Immigration and 3. Political Correctness (including but not limited to):

Concern about Trade includes the export of jobs from the west to the third world and opposition to secret treaties that transcend national sovereignty such as NAFTA, TPP and TTIP. Concern about “Immigration” incudes concern about replacement level (pre-dominantly Islamic) migration from the third world to the west. Concern about “Political Correctness” includes the sweeping, leftist, social-conditioning which restricts freedom of speech and has empowered a whole new culture of victimhood and activism.

According to the News.com.au article, the Alt Right consists of nothing much other than Breitbart.com.

Au contraire, again.

The “Alt Right” is, in fact, to borrow a leftist buzz word, quite “diverse.” Not only is there a diversity of news outlets, but there is diversity of ideas, a concept alien to the left. In fact, the Alt Right’s biggest risk is possibly its diversity of philosophies/factions, a fact “clever enemies” have already begun to exploit.

Alt Right news outlets include the massively popular Infowars.com where Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson have blazed a trail, the hugely influential Drudge Report, World Net Daily, as well as Breitbart. At the more meta-political end of the spectrum there are VDare, Counter-Currents, American Renaissance, Radix Journal and Red Ice TV. There is also the flourishing, edgy, younger counter-culture at the RightStuff.biz who mercilessly attack PC culture. In spite of blatant leftist agitation and censorship, the Alt Right is also very active on Twitter and Facebook.

Of Milo’s three reasons, the predominant reason the Alt Right is exploding in the west is because people are sick to death of political-correctness. Alt-Righters aren’t the stupid, racist red-necks the MSM would have you believe. Leftist propaganda promulgated in the west and reinforced by the group-think imposed only works on certain people – it doesn’t work on everyone.

Alt-Righters realise that whilst political correctness purportedly exists to altruistically protect vulnerable people – it is used by the left to restrict its opponents. One only has to look at the vandalism, hate and violence with which the left just reacted to losing a democratic election to realise that there is little altruism there. The left – black, white and Hispanic – deliberately trashed their own communities and attacked people simply for being Trump supporters or simply being white.

However, as well as attracting the vast majority of white women voters (despite being labelled a misogynist by the left) President elect Trump also attracted more black and Hispanic voters than Mitt Romney.

Also, many who voted Obama in 2008 & 2012 voted for Trump this time, presumably tired of his sanctimony, his Muslim-Brotherhood connections, his legacy of racial division, corruption, his doubling black unemployment, the spiralling debt and leftist social programs.

Indeed it could be said that whilst JFK’s goal as President was to put a man on the moon – a lofty goal indeed, Obama’s goal was to put a man in women’s bathrooms.

Say no more.

Milo Yiannopoulos probably represents the Alt Right to the same degree that Donald Trump does. He shares many if not most of the ideals but is not its leader – it has no leader but many leaders. Despite Milo’s failure to say so, the elephant in the room for the Alt Right is the issue of white identity.

The prevailing, stifling political-correctness dictates that whilst it is okay for any other racial/ethnic/religious group to declare an interest in their own welfare, it is NOT okay for white people to so do. The minute there is any mention of a group for white people’s interests, the left reacts like the Nazis just invaded Poland again. This is unfair, inequitable and unacceptable to the Alt Right, who are a pretty informed bunch and are generally aware of the demographic changes currently being inflicted on the west.

They are also well aware of what can happen to white people as a minority under leftist control. White people in South Africa post 1994 were subject to mass job losses as a consequence of “affirmative action” which led to mass unemployment and subsistence in squatter camps . Further, they are banned from receiving charity, unable to afford emigration and unwelcome even in homeland of Europe.

Maybe, if they converted to Islam Europe would welcome them again?

In any event, the Alt Right is on the march and the left will be on the run. Hot button issues for the Alt Right in Australia will be leftist bias in media and education. Universities in particular are hotbeds of radical leftist propaganda, churning out brain-washed victims, who need “safe-spaces” if “triggered” by opposing viewpoints. Previous generations of young people forged this country and fought our enemies, tasks far beyond these pampered victims. And the ABC is riddled with Marxist propagandists with no objectivity at the expense of the tax payer.

To remove doubt, the Alt Right is not the existing but anachronistic “cuckservative” parties, who cucked out and consented to the Overton Window’s slide to the left. Rather, it is their prodigal son, home from his travels, smarter and stronger and with a Nietschean will to power.

Article by Prestoz – Contributor to Zero Filter

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