Avi Yemini’s explosive interview with Imam Tahwidi on Islam

Outspoken Israeli-Jewish Australian Avi Yemini talks to Australia’s most hated and despised Imam, who was recently forced into hiding for safety reasons, in an explosive interview streamed live to Facebook today.

The amazing thing about this interview is that it shatters the left’s mainstream narrative which is that anyone who is critical of Islam and does not agree with mass migration from Muslim countries is an uneducated, racist bigot and is probably a white Australian from the country who holds those pesky old Christian values.

In the explosive one hour interview, Yemini and Tahwidi talk about why the Imam recently had to be forced into hiding, the problems within the Islamic religion and how to reform it.

Avi Yemini, who is no stranger to the Islamic debate in Australia, is a man of middle-eastern Jewish descent and has made his views very clear on Islam via his Facebook page. He first sprang on to the scene when he collaborated with One Nation to hold an event showing support for Pauline Hanson from the Jewish community. He appeared on The Bolt Report following the cancellation of the event over ‘security concerns’.

Imam Shaikh M. Tahwidi has undergone intense scrutiny from the Islamist community being labelled as ‘not a real Imam’ and infamously disavowed by the Grand Mufti and the Islamic Council of Australia.

He recently made a powerful video that went viral where he stated all the reasons why he is considered to be a fake Imam by what you might call the establishment Islamists.

Imam Tahwidi appeared on Sky News’ Outsiders where he talked about being hated by the Islamic establishment for putting country before religion. He said the Islamic Council told him he was too Australian to be and Imam and that he is proud to be known as the ‘Aussie Imam’.

Article by Brendan – Editor in Chief


3 thoughts on “Avi Yemini’s explosive interview with Imam Tahwidi on Islam

    • The western world is headed towards communism under Islam. It is already like living in hell and this is just the beginning.


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