PUTIN: “Russia is ready and wants to restore ‘Full-Fledged Relations’ with the US”

In response to the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States, Putin said Russia is prepared to restore the degraded relationship between the two countries.

“We have heard his electoral slogans when he was still a candidate of the presidency, and he spoke about resuming and restoring relations between Russia and the United States.”

During Putin’s address at the presentation ceremony of foreign ambassadors’ letters of credentials in Moscow, he said the negative relationship with the United States was not the fault of Russia, but of the United States.

“We understand that the way to that (relations with US)  would be difficult, taking in to account the current state of degredation of relations between the US and Russia. As I have repeatedly said, it is not our fault that Russian-American relations are in that poor state.”

As Russia and the US are two major power-houses in the world, a better relationship between the two countries is essential for stability in the global climate of world affairs.

Third-party presidential candidate, Jill Stein, who some analysts say helped aide a Trump victory through swing states has been a harsh critic of both Trump and Clinton. In the weeks leading up to the election, Stein warned that a Hillary Clinton presidency would lead to nuclear war.

“Yes, Donald Trump is a total wildcard, but Hillary has the proven record of the most pro-conflict military policy possible. This is a mushroom cloud waiting to happen”, said Stein in an interview with journalist Marc Lamont Hill prior to Trump presidential victory.

Commenting on Trump’s presidential victory, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said he will judge the US administration on its actions.

“We are ready to work with any US leader elected by the US people,” said Lavrov on Wednesday.

“I can’t say that all the previous US leaders were always predictable. This is life, this is politics. I have heard many words but we will judge by actions.”

It is clear that despite the forecast of Armageddon by the media and the left in the event of a Trump presidency, all signs are pointing to a better relationship between Russia and the US which could set a new precedent for a positive geo-political global climate.

Article by Brendan – Editor in Chief of Zero Filter


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