Andrew O’Keefe is an absolute MORON!

No matter what political leanings you may have when it comes to immigration, Islam, gender equality or other major cultural issues, its becoming increasingly clear that everybody is sick to death of Andrew O’Keefe’s incredible bias, unprofessionalism and blatant rudeness as host of Sunrise.

When he’s not regurgitating the usual feel-good crap that is regularly vomited out on this meaningless and irrelevant garbage they call a TV show, O’Keefe likes to put in his uneducated, emotionally derived two cents worth on issues that he has clearly not bothered to research himself.

Time and time again, O’Keefe has shown his absolute inability to be a professional, unbiased host when it comes to facilitating a debate on Sunrise. He rudely expresses his lefty political opinions and fails to remain neutral in debate like a professional host should.

A petition titled “Fire Andrew O’Keefe” is receiving a huge amount of attention and has already received thousands of signatures in the short time the petition has been circulating on social media.

In one of his recent outbursts, O’Keefe attempted to blame One Nation for the angst that Australians feel about Islam and Muslim immigration in an exchange with ex-One Nation leader David Oldfield.

But do people really adore their beloved Sunrise host? One need only take a look at Sunrise’s official Facebook page to see the feedback that viewers give via comments on their videos and articles.

In the comments section on the video mentioned above which is titled “Pauline Hanson’s momentum”, there is an endless amount of reputation damaging comments from Australian’s expressing their dissatisfaction with O’Keefe.


Possibly the most well known mental breakdown O’Keefe had was in a heated exchange with outspoken critic of third-wave feminist conspiracy theories such as the gender wage gape and University campus rape culture, Mark Latham.

For your viewing pleasure…

Article by Brendan – Founder of Zero Filter

30 thoughts on “Andrew O’Keefe is an absolute MORON!

    • Thanks for starting the petition. He is such a wanker. I don’t watch any show he hosts, I do love Sunrise but watch the other one if he is a guest host.


      • He is such a wanker really he always has to have the last word or cut people off with their opinions why can’t they just get rid of him i have lost so much interest in this show when he is one always got to make a joke about anything and whats more frustrating is he thinks he is so funny god had enough of this bloke and his views what a moron alright so disgusted in him put someone else on in his place then i will watch this program again but until then nope .Why does he think what comes out of his mouth thats its funny some of his stuff i go why why did u say that when there was no need for it he just talks so much shit that comes out of his mouth keep him off the show .I USED TO LIKE THIS PROGRAM BUT ITS GONE SO FAR OUT I CANT STAND HIM .

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      • I agree with everything you say. I refuse to watch any show he is hosting. I love Sunrise but if he is guest hosting I won’t watch it. Wish he wasn’t hosting The Chase, I like that show too but only watch the UK one.


  1. Haha! Van another wacky idea for the sake of trying to be relevant, you would think it would be a matter of you either want eaquality or not. More and more it seems left wing women’s rights groups want eaquality until they can get the upper hand, then they want women’s only. Van wants to segregate men and women on trains, having special carriages for women and Andrew O’Keefe wants to defend the idea. Can you imagine how hard that would be to implement at peak hour and can you imagine if the right came up with this outrageously foolish idea to segregate women. Both Van and O’Keefe would be having fits. O’Keefe is acting more and more obnoxious every day. He feels he is the king and all should bow down to his way of thinking. O’Keefe, this gutter rolling drunk, childishly tut tuts and rolls his eyes, throws down pencils he has in his hand and tries to belittle his opponents (I would say guests but unless you agree with him you are an opponent) when they don’t agree with him. This is nothing short of abuse. The body language says it all.. He sits there with his arms folded until his opponents take a breath and then he rushes in to talk over the top of them. His producer seems to be in league with him because the camera keeps cutting back to him to show his displeasure and the absurd faces he pulls with anyone who makes a sensible argument to his stupidity.
    If they want to have him and his rediculous comments on a show maybe they could get David Campbell, Walleed Ali and him to do a show called “This Is Where You Left” at least that way we would know what we would be getting and would not just leave but not turn up.
    Good luck with the ratings.

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  2. Good on you Mark put the idiot back in his box he always is rude to people especially if they don’t agree with him. Why channel 7 bother with him I’ll never understand. Put his drunken laying in the gutter on tv then see how smart he is.


  3. It’s bad enough having that Waheed from the Project prattling on now Andrew O’keefe . Both of them should go join Isis. Australia would be a better place. Their beliefs are their own. shut up the rest of us don’t want to hear this crap.

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  4. Andrew O’Crepe should embrace Australia and the Australian way of life.. That wsy of life is and will continue to be eroded away not by Christianity.. Hinduism.. Jewish… or the many other religions we Australians welcome into our country but buy the Muslim reilgion and its prehistoroc and savage culture… I want to really stress … I am not a racist person.. But im not a stupid person either. One only has to see whats happening right now in the countries that have opened their arms to the hordes of so called refugees of islamic beliefs to see the catastrophic results .. Do we want that in our country. Do we want to pass that on the next generation… Do we believe that total would domination is a great idea… Well I for one dont condone it and am prepared to stand up for Australia.. And the likes of Andrew O’Keefe need to listen to what the majority of Australians are saying.. We dont want Islam to own our country.. our furure… for Christs sake just have a look at the mayhem in every other Muslim country . Do you really think its not going to hapoen in Australia…


  5. Educate the man, don’t get his back up or he will never learn, share wisdom and knowledge with him instead of denigrating him . So he should know better so should I in writing this I guess I hate the stuff he comes out with too


  6. I’ve stopped watching AOK when it comes to him as moderator. Why does ch7 keep on using him is unbelievable. Shows disrespect and doesn’t want to hear other people’s opinion. He’s just a plain jerk.

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  7. I feel like we are becoming more and more Americanised! The (fox news) type talking over people on “news” shows, the “you’re a damn leftist/conservative” rhetoric in every single political conversation (with no actual debating going on) now; it truly does feel like most moderates have been taken over by an American type extremist and no-one in the spotlight is able to have a meaningful discussion anymore.

    The “leftists” spew jargon to silence with “bigot”, which halts any kind of discussion and the “conservatives” spew “politically correct”, I honestly don’t remember Australia being this unintellectual. Why on Earth is our “news” becoming opinion pieces with infomercials and our reporters 2 dimensional parrots?


  8. Andrew O’Keefe, by all accounts is supposedly a well educated man. You would think a law degree,would stand him in good stead in a debate situation. They say there is a fine line between brains and common sense, maybe this is where Andrew O’Keefe sits at the moment. I haven’t watched sunrise for a while, as it seems on the odd occasion, that Andrew O’Keefe may be drunk on set.


  9. O’Keefe … really is an idiot … seriously anyone with any common sense would laugh at this fools input. He’s an absolute disgrace as a host, biased as, “knowledge less” and brain dead. Its no wonder “sunrise” has such a poor support base and is such an unpopular program.


  10. He is very self opinionated and personally, I would rather watch reruns of the UK” The Chase” on a daily basis rather than watch the Oz one, because of the hosts.


  11. Seriously, why should anybody give this clown the time of day? There are more important things to be concerned with than a lefty nutter of a t.v. presenter.

    It would be good for regular, normal Australians, for this person to stay right where he is, that way our main stream media will be exposed of their true agenda and lose all pretense of neutrality and normality.

    That would only work in One Nations favour, by making it obvious to all, the contempt and discrimination against the majority of Australians. If the media try the same tactics, it will lead to the same result as the U.S. election, particually with the precedent already being set.


  12. If this guy thinks Sunrise is such ‘meaningless and irrelevant garbage’, why does he bother watching it so much. He’s made himself sound like a fool. BTW I don’t like Andrew O’Keefe either so I never watch him.


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