Hanson: There is no definition of ‘Aborignal’

In an interview on The Bolt Report, Pauline Hanson said there needs to be an open debate on the issue of aboriginal definition and identification whilst defending calls for changes to the Racial Discrimination Act.

“I’ve raised the issues about equality over the years, whether your an aboriginal or non-aboriginal and I’ll be asking the question. What defines an aboriginal?” said Hanson on Monday night’s episode of The Bolt Report on Sky News.

“If you marry an aboriginal you can be classified as an aboriginal, or if the community or the elders accept you into that community, you can be defined as an aboriginal.”

“And that’s not good enough, because then if you make a comment about it, well, what are you, an aboriginal or not an aboriginal?”

Hanson outlined her firm stance on the PC social justice outrage culture, saying people have become to precious and easily offended when it comes to discussing these issues.

Hanson is simply making the argument of free speech. As Peter Dutton demonstrated recently when he illustrated the correlation between Australian terrorism and Lebanese-Muslim migrants, the foundation for free speech requires that facts are able to be openly discussed and debated. This enables an informed people to determine their own conclusions on issues by knowing and understanding both sides of an argument, rather than shutting down factual truths under the guise of ‘being offensive’.

Article by Brendan – Founder of Zero Filter

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