Massive Drug Bust To Save Us All From Ourselves

A few days ago police in NSW gave us the “great” news that they had stopped a large shipment of Cocaine from getting into Australia. This was touted as a big success by the police and the media.

You see, they had just stopped 500KG of cocaine from getting into Australia. For anyone who doesn’t know the metrics and value of cocaine on the street in Australia, this amount of the drug could be scientifically described as a ‘an absolute shitload of coke”. To give you an idea of just how much cocaine this is, most people will get 1-3 grams at a time. So going at the top end, let’s say you consumed 3 grams a night, it would likely take about 450 years for one person to consume it all. So yeah, it’s a hell of a lot of cocaine.

If one was to sell this on the street a single gram bag at a time, they could expect to earn themselves about $175 million dollars. Of course, it’s not sold one bag at a time by the smugglers themselves, but they would have certainly made themselves a good little earn along the way (likely enough to never work again), had this shipment gone unnoticed by the authorities of course.

So well done to the police for stopping this shipment of cocaine into Australia. You’ve done a great job. High flying market executives and highly paid machine operators in WA mines will be scrambling to find a new supply quick smart as they plan their next weekend binge. Great work on causing the most well paid in our society some slight discomfort and annoyance. You should be super proud of yourselves, fantastic work guys! You stopped the bad guy!

So, now that we have congratulated those who protect us, I just want to quickly draw your attention to one part of the article that I am concerned with. It’s not a big part, I just have a few questions about it:

“Their arrests on Christmas night were the culmination of a two-and-a-half year investigation into the largest alleged cocaine smuggling syndicate Australia has seen.”

Two and a half years? This investigation took two and a half YEARS? Two and a half years to stop people from selling something here? Selling being the operative word, because for anything to be sold, you need both a seller and a buyer. How much did this drug bust cost? How much will it cost to keep the dealers in prison? What did taxpayers need to invest in this operation? What benefit do taxpayers get from this? “Drugs off the street”?

Two and a half years to, effectively, increase the street price of a highly sought after product and likely lower the quality for a short while, until a new shipment arrives (that they don’t spot).

Are our streets now drug free are they? Don’t worry, I will answer this one.

No, no they are not. This bust found seized cocaine worth about 22% of our yearly cocaine consumption, so there is still plenty of the stuff to go around (albeit at a higher price due to a lower supply). Not to mention the drugs being made here (and people say manufacturing is dead in Australia, hah! Never underestimate the Aussie spirit).

All for what? To stop people from doing something that they freely choose to do, and pay for, with their own money? All to stop people from engaging in an activity that hurts no-one but themselves (yeah yeah “but they hurt families too”. Yes, they can, but so can alcohol and gambling, hell, so can dumb free-play games, but they aren’t illegal are they)?

How much tax could we have generated if we’d grown the stuff here and sold it? How much money could we save if we simply stopped enforcing drug laws altogether? Estimates are that we spend well over $1 billion a year on drug enforcement in this country. That’s a lot of money to stop people from doing something that they freely want to do of their own free will, not to mention the fact that they are clearly willing to pay top dollar to do so.

What a massive waste of time and resources to stop a victimless crime that will only result in a higher street price, thus an even bigger incentive to import the drug anyway.

What benefit does this spending provide to society as a whole? How is it making our nation a better place or even safer? In effect, all this does is push prices up slightly, or get people to use other drugs like MDMA. So even more profit for another potential black market entrepreneur to make. Only his business doesn’t have the protection of the law, nor does he have a legal remedy for a dispute, he will be forced to resolve issues through the use of violence. But that’s all good right? What’s a little more gun crime amongst an unarmed citizenry?

So well done to the government for offering a wonderful service to all the drug lords they didn’t catch. I’m sure they were all extremely depressed and despondent at the mere thought of you taking down a competitor for them. Good work, it only took two and a half years of time, money and police resources to do it as well. Meanwhile, violent crime in Victoria is up 11% on last year, the federal and state level (Victorian, although I’d be shocked of more than one or two other states are in surplus if any), money keeps getting printed at an alarming rate and people haven’t stopped doing drugs.

So kudos to the government, thank you for protecting us all from ourselves. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Article by Matty – Author at Zero Filter

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3 thoughts on “Massive Drug Bust To Save Us All From Ourselves

  1. So what exactly is your point? Allow simple supp;y and demand on any product? Idealistic but simplistic position. Mount overt police surveillance over consumers rather than suppliers? Do you realise the logistics and cost of that not to mention you cannot just start that with assumptions like you made of who the users are which frankly sound like class jealousy rather than carefully identified targets.
    Frankly a rather juvenile and disappointing post lets step up to adult conversation.


    • This is an excellent article Matty. The human misery of people molested by their own Governments, the huge official corruption and crime it engenders, public waste of huge resources and the sheer injustice of the ‘war on drugs’ will eventually be seen for what it is.


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