Rachel Maddow Hysteria And The White House’s Hilarious Response

“We’ve got the tax returns guys, we got ’em! I know it doesn’t make a difference now, the hysteria we pushed regarding Trump’s tax returns throughout the presidential campaign failed anyway because he won, our ratings are tanking because nobody cares about our butt-hurt hysteria, the tax returns are over 10 years old and it could be illegal to reveal them on the show, but screw it, we finally got ’em!” – Rachel Maddow

Here we go again. The tax returns are back. It’s been over a month since Donald Trump has been in office. He has nothing but win on all fronts. He withdrew the US from the TPP, signed an executive order to ease the burden of Obamacare and secured deals with companies like Apple and Ford to start bringing their factories back to the US, all within his first week in office.

The Dow Jones hit 20,000 for the first time ever, showing the positive impact that merely the election of Donald Trump has had on confidence in the market. Too much winning.

If you ask experts in leftist hysteria, they will tell you Rachel Maddow is their cry baby in chief. For months, Maddow boasted about how terrible Donald Trump would perform in the election, telling us there is absolutely no possibility that he could become president. Oh how delightfully wrong she was. The scenes were amazing.

If you remember around the time of the presidential debates the hysteria was focused on Donald Trump’s tax returns, as if releasing them would expose some nefarious ties he allegedly had to the Russians or the Saudi’s or whatever they were whinging about. All this was done even though he already released his financial disclosure, which according to experts actually details a person’s financials in more detail.

In another pathetic attempt to attack Trump, investigative journalist David Cay Johnston acquired an alleged copy of Donald and Melania Trump’s tax returns from 2005 and was shown on Rachel Maddow’s news show on MSNBC.

tax return image.jpg

It seems every time some mainstream media hack drops a bombshell on Donald Trump, it’s a dodgy tape recording or an alleged conversation that he had over 10 years ago. If you’re going to drop truth bombs about Trump, can you at least aim to get something from the last few years? The quality of the media’s attacks on Trump is at a serious low at the moment.

David Cay Johnston was the heroic investigative journalist that according to the White House illegally acquired and distributed Donald Trump’s 10 year old tax returns to MSNBC. The tax returns revealed that Donald and Melania Trump paid US$38 million in taxes on an income of US$150 million. Johnston gave his opinion on the rate of tax the Trump’s paid that year, claiming it was not enough.

Johnston went on to say something which I think explains why Americans are flocking away from progressive liberals and their apparent hatred for successful entrepreneurs. He told Maddow that Trump’s tax rate was almost exactly the same as his, and on his modest family income of $400,000 PER YEAR it is unfair that they should be paying the same tax rate.

Modest income of $400,000 per year? Your poor little baby you must have it so hard and I can really relate to your struggle of a half a million dollar income per year. Fuck Off!

The White House’s response to the fiasco was priceless. Instead of breaking it down for you, here is a snippet from the statement which explains everything.


Article by Brendan – Editor in Chief


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