The Oddest Couple

It’s hard to know where to even start to discuss the absurdity of the bizarre alliance between leftists and Islam.

From Washington to Berlin to Adelaide, leftists are going in to bat for Islam in protest against President Trump’s “Muslim ban” on immigration from six countries. Leaving aside that those banned countries are the same countries identified, banned and later bombed by Obama in 2011 (no leftists protested then) and that numerous bigger and more populous Islamic countries were not banned, let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good protest march.

In a bizarre public display of Stockholm Syndrome, leftist women in Berlin bared their breasts while chanting Allahu Akhbar. Had they done that in an Islamic country, they would have been jailed, probably beaten and possibly stoned to death.

So what do they both stand for, these two seemingly unlikely play-mates? Well – generally atheists, leftists claim to stand for freedom from religion, social equality, egalitarianism, equality for racial and ethnic minorities, women’s rights, feminism, gay and LGBT rights. They are also quite fond of redistributing other people’s money.

Definitely not a race and sometimes referred to as a religion, Islam is an extremely rigid and behaviourally prescriptive religio-political ideology. It is imperialistic and seeks to dominate and convert all non-Muslims to Sharia law. It does not tolerate homosexuality. Its founder, Mohammed, dictated that homosexuals should be killed by being thrown off buildings or cliffs. This would include trans-sexual and other LBGT people. In most Islamic countries polygamy is practiced with men taking multiple brides as young at six. Women are not permitted to go to university, go shopping alone or drive cars. They must walk behind their husband and cover themselves from head to foot in sack-cloth so men are not tempted to rape them. If they go uncovered they are considered fair game for raping. If a woman IS raped she is charged with a crime and punished. Women who commit adultery are stoned to death or beheaded in public.

It is hard to see what these two groups could possibly have in common.

However, there is some common ground. They are both control-freaks. They both hate the west. They both hate free-market capitalism and the uncontrolled prosperity it creates. They both like to play the victim and mooch off the prosperity of tax-payers in the west. And neither group has a sense of humour.

All flippancy and sarcasm aside, I absolutely shudder to think of the ruthless way Islam will deal with these pathetic leftist idiots once they outlive their usefulness. It will be merciless.

Article by Prestoz – Author at Zero Filter

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