Who Cucks Loses

As Vox Day indicated in “SJWs Always Lie”, you should NEVER CUCK TO PRESSURE FROM THE LEFT!

So it is extremely disappointing to see Coopers Beer cucking to the LGBT bullies and disturbing to see QANTAS and Google bullying their employees to wear a same-sex marriage ring.

In “SJWs Always Lie” Day retrospectively examines the fortune of people who were bullied by SJWs and clearly shows that those who apologise, lose out. If you apologise, people who agreed with you feel abandoned and the leftist bullies feel their Pavlovian demonization was justified. And people who were on the fence conclude that you were wrong. Take the example of the Tim Wolfe, Dean of Missouri University – he cucked and lost big time. Same with LA Clippers owner Donald Stirling. On the other hand, those who refuse to apologise fare much better, retain their self-esteem and the respect of their own people.

We’re all aware that rampant PC bullying emanates constantly from leftist establishments like academia, media and government. But whence this new corporate cuckery that has by now infected big banks, insurance companies, airlines, private schools and even the Christian Churches?

Well – unless you’ve been living in a cave in the Himalayas, you would be aware that (PC) is rife throughout virtually every (western) country on the planet. It starts with Soviet (Marxist) propaganda in the 1920s which is adopted and developed by the ((Frankfurt School)).” Basically Marxism is a victim ideology that says we are oppressed by the factory owners and that we should overthrow them and steal their wealth. Leaving aside for a moment that we don’t have factories since they were all shipped out to China, PC is Marxism’s way of controlling behaviour by controlling the language. The ((Frankfurt School)) fled Hitler in the 1930s, moved to the west and infiltrated universities during the 1950s and 1960s (yes – Joe McCarthy was right!) By now their “progressive” university graduates are in government, education and media, controlling information and policy via language.

So if you’re in government , education, health – that kind of thing, it’s not uncommon in the current year to be sent for “unconscious bias training” or be inundated with LGBT or SSM propaganda. And you quickly discover that a person’s sex, race or sexual preference is more important that their ability to do their job.

But how, when and why did PC begin to infect the private sector and who could possible benefit from it – Qi bono, as they say?  Isn’t it the modus operandi of private sector companies to be as efficient and effective as possible and thereby achieve maximum profits for their shareholders? What would they have to gain by preferring a potential employee because of their race or sex as opposed to their effectiveness? How would “diversity” or “multiculturalism” increase profitability or efficiency? Virtue signalling aside, is there any empirical evidence that increased PC practices increase profitability? Well, a few-red-herrings and rabbit-holes later – not that this writer can find.  In fact, on the contrary, there is empirical evidence that increased diversity decreases performance and profitability.

So again – Qi Bono? This is not easy to answer – there is no obvious benefit by way of the usual business rewards such as profit or publicity. There is arguably some limited reward that may come from increased leftist patronage from the overt virtue signalling. But for each lefty who receives that signal there are those of us who are further irked by this nauseating slide to the left. The writer suspects that organisations like the Diversity Council of Australia and the so-called Human Rights Commission are exerting influence into the private sector.

So – what to do? The writer proposes a website dedicated to listing companies who cuck, perhaps called “WHO CUCKS LOSES”. Those of us who are not card carrying members of the multi-cult, who refused to drink the Kool-Aid must make a stand and boycott these companies. We can thus hit them where it hurts – in their profit margin.

Article by Prestoz – Author


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