The Zero Filter Show – Episode 1: The Unshackled – Trump Victory, Political Correctness, SJWs

On the first episode of The Zero Filter Show we have two guests, Tim Wilms and Sukith Fernando from The Unshackled.

Tim, a member who stood as a candidate for the Liberal Democratic party in his local electorate, and Sukith, a young conservative at The University of Sydney, are the founders of The Unshackled.

The Unshackled is a news website and podcast called ‘The Unshackled Waves.

This is their mission statement:

We must win the war against the controllers of thought and actions. We must protect our world and our lives against mass surveillance, big government, political correctness, the nanny state and elites attempting to rule over ordinary people. We must uplift this world from the current Dark Age. We must swear to never let totalitarianism sweep the world again.

On the show we discuss Trump’s Victory and its effect on Australia. We talk about Trump’s 100 day plan and how this will ‘drain the swamp’ and bring America back from the dark hole it has sunk in to.

Sukith gives us an exclusive insight in to the treatment of conservatives at University, the current political climate at University and the effect political correctness is happening on Academia.

Tim explains what has gone wrong with the libertarian movement. He explains the backward direction that the libertarian movement has taken since the days of Ron Paul.

We discuss the cultural movement within the right, spearheaded by figures such as Pauline Hanson and Corey Bernardi, and how this seems to be very similar to the Trump movement.

We hope you enjoy the first episode of The Zero Filter Show.

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