Make Australia’s Military Great Again: Part 1

Since Federation on January 1st, 1901, Australia’s first real platform on the global stage came on the Gallipoli peninsula of the Ottoman Empire in 1915. While the Dardanelles Campaign resulted in failure, and the deaths of almost 10,000 out of the 50,000 Australians deployed, it is an important event in the national consciousness of ANZAC nations, celebrated…

Channel 10 is FAKE NEWS!

Last night Channel 10 showed their inability to conduct real, unbiased, legitimate journalism during a pathetic segment on United Patriot’s Front Leader Blair Cottrell and the charges made against him by Victorian police for ‘offending’ Muslims online.

ISIS is Losing, and Losing FAST!

Assad’s pro-government forces re-established control over the last areas of rebel-held Aleppo which could bring an end to the almost 6-year Syrian Civil War that has affected large parts of the middle-east, particularly Iraq with the success of the Islamic State and has lead to terrorism, destruction and violence across the globe.

Andrew O’Keefe is an absolute MORON!

No matter what political leanings you may have when it comes to immigration, Islam, gender equality or other major cultural issues, its becoming increasingly clear that everybody is sick to death of Andrew O’Keefe’s incredible bias, unprofessionalism and blatant rudeness as host of Sunrise.